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On discovering one of nature's best kept secrets

Since moving to California we’ve become beach bums.  Not the caricature most East Coasters are prone to imagining with sandy sun kissed hair, a surf board tucked under an arm, and air of ease and nonchalance, and year round golden skin.  We have become a lesser celebrated pale northern variety by way of San Francisco, and really, it was a long time coming.

As native Northern Virginians, the beach was somewhere we voyaged to only once a year.  Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the Northeast corridor, our family would inch down I-95 to the Outer Banks for our yearly pilgrimage, eventually completing the 4.5 hour drive in a mere 8 hours.  There was nothing quite like those glorious seven days though; the blistering sun, the lulling waves, the wrinkles and darkening shades coming without care, and the pinnacle: a piping hot outdoor shower; the ritual of scrubbing off the day's grime, sweat, sand and lotion, toweling off, and being reincarnated as what always felt like the calmest and best version of myself.  Desperate to ingest as much of the ocean as we could in order to sustain ourselves in the coming 51 weeks, our evenings were spent covering the dining table with newspapers and freshly steamed bushels of blue crabs from Dockside N' Duck or Carawan Seafood Co, finessing the art of crab picking for hours until our fingers ached and our bellies surrendered.

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Finding warmth in the chilly days ahead

As cold weather arrives we begin to turn inward.  We find comfort in our favorite sweaters and evenings spent hunkered down under woolen throws.  The sensory experience of this season is vast; the scent of a spiced warm drink, the taste of a comforting meal cooked with sage and rosemary, an evening on the couch with a page turning read, a vintage album turning on the record player, the twinkling lights, the early evenings, the sound of splashing through icy puddles, the smell of fresh pine, the brilliant show of changing leaves followed by a dormant landscape waiting to start anew again.

Our Cold Weather Guide will help you find a sense of light and warmth no matter how dark the days may seem to be getting.  There is always beauty to be found in allowing the bigness of the world to wash away; in drawing into tiny but significant moments that bring us happiness.  The best way to begin is to start small; appreciating what our senses are telling us about what we can hear, see, taste, touch, and smell.

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A wander guide chronicling two months along the coasts of Portugal, Spain & France via homes five days at a time

A red eye flight found us gliding in over Lisbon at sunrise, sandwiched between red tile roofs and spitting rainclouds.  Things quickly became rural and rustic; an easy feat as Portugal has the nature of never feeling rushed or overcrowded regardless of if you’re in one of its cities or not.  Trees and fields and small towns blurred by with passing rainclouds.  Never hopping onto a proper highway we nevertheless made incredible time via an almost barren two lane road, the air smelling of salt and cows, earth and rain, and eucalyptus with a tinge of cinnamon.

Two hours later as we approached the outskirts of our small seaside town, Zambujeira do Mar, we began weaving through fields of crops, greenhouses, and farmers.  Eventually we entered — then just as quickly exited — through the one main L shaped road passing through town...

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